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Poland Work Permit


Introducing the Republic of Poland which can be described as a European country in the heart of Eastern Europe, Statistics tell us that the population of Poland is currently estimated at around 38.4 million. According to the statistics based on results of the population census 2011, the dominant ethnic group is Polish (96.8%). The official language is Polish.

The most popular city by population is Warszawa (Warsaw). The next largest cities by population are Krakow and Lodz; however, there is a large immigrant population in the small city of Wroclaw due to the presence of several large international companies – including IBM.

The population of Warsaw during the last century has increased 2.5 times, while the population of Krakow has increased 5 times during the same period. Krakow has a rich heritage and is the second most popular city among tourists and immigrants.

The top 5 biggest cities of Poland by population according to 2018 estimate are:

1Warsaw1 769 529
2Krakow769 564
3Lodz687 702
4Wroclaw639 383
5Poznan537 643

Traditionally, Poland has not been considered a very popular destination for Indian immigrants because of language issues. However, that perception is fast changing. In fact, lately the governments of both countries have felt the need for greater movement of Indian workers — both skilled and unskilled — to Poland.

Among all the European countries Poland has one of the most attractive job markets. Every year the number of foreigners coming to Poland is increasing. If you also thinking about coming here you should know that you will need visa and work permit.

Long-term visa is issued for more than 90, but not longer than for 365 days. The visa application process usually takes 15 days. National visas are issued mainly for the purpose of studying or working. If a foreigner wants to stay in Poland longer, he must apply for a new visa with a Polish Consul abroad or apply for a residence card after this period.

In order to receive a national “D” type visa, entitling to stay in the Republic of Poland over 90 days, you must apply within a period of not less than a week before the planned trip.

All “D” visas give you opportunity to move around the Schengen area for three months within a half-year period.

The Schengen visa category D or Schengen National visa is granted to the people who are enter Schengen Zone for Studying, working residing permanently in one of the Schengen countries. The D visa also has single entry and multiple entry visa types.

The national visa or Schengen visa category D can be of a single entry. It is granted to the people who need to reside Schengen country for a certain period of time and after that period of time they want to return to their country.

The multiple entry D visas allow leaving and entering the Schengen country multiple times.

The Schengen D visa holder can additionally travel in the whole Schengen Area without more visa requirements.

What documents do you need to apply for a D-type national visa in Poland?

  • Visa Application form.
  • Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Valid Passport + Copy of Passport Bio & Last Page.
  • Health insurance.
  • Supplementary documents, confirming.
  • Payment proof of visa fee.
  • For more detail kindly contact Acme International & our Sales Representative will be glad to assist you.

Poland Work Permit Process

(Applicant needs to submit the Following Documents)

=>Updated Resume with Photograph
=>Qualification Certificate (10th, 12th, Degree)
=>Experience Certificate (Offer letter, Appointment letter, Experience letter, ITR)
=>Passport Copy (Front & Back, Travel Pages if any)
=>Passport Size photograph
=>Note: All documents must be in English, if not please present translated copies. The documents are then sent for eligibility check.

Selected candidates need to submit their original passport along with a registration charges + GST.

If the resumes are approved the candidates need to sign the contract agreement with Acme International and attend the telephonic Interview.

Selected candidates will be notified of their selection by Acme International.

Within next 3 weeks of the Skype interview Employment Contract/Offer Letter is issued from the Company.
Against the Employment contract the candidate needs to do second Payment.

After Successful acceptance of the Employment contract by the candidate the documents are sent for approval at the Federal Employment Agency and the Immigration Department in Poland.
Within the next 30 days the Final approval letter is received from Poland that is when the candidate needs to Schedule Visa Appointment & visit the nearest Poland Consulate General for Visa Submission.

On receiving the VISA the candidate needs to collect the remaining documents for his travel and pay the remaining Final sum + GST to Acme International.
Note: Flight Tickets, Visa Fees, Health Insurance is included within the charges.


Total Processing time will be 100 working days from the Date of Registration.

  For more detail kindly contact Acme International & our Sales Representative will be glad to assist you.