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What is GRE?

The GRE General Test is one of the world’s largest assessment programs for graduate admissions and the exam is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). Commonly referred to as GRE, the full form of GRE is the Graduate Record Examinations. Over half-a-million individuals from over 160 countries take the GRE General Test every year, across 1,000 test centers set up by ETS. GRE scores of candidates are accepted at thousands of graduate programs around the world, for masters and doctorate degrees.

GRE Computer-based Exam Pattern

For the computer-based pattern, each of these sections is further divided into two-sub-sections with forty questions in total (Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning). Analytical Writing has only one section that contains two tasks with a time duration of one hour. Apart from these main sections, there are two other variable sections included in the computer-based pattern exam. This section is followed by a ten-minute break after the Quantitative Reasoning part is complete. However, these two variable sections- Unscored and Research section- are not included in the final GRE Scores.

While the GRE Pattern may change from time to time generally, the crux of the format remains the same. Currently, the following is the exam pattern which aspirants can look forward to:

GRE SectionsPaper-basedComputer-based
No. of SectionsDurationNo. of SectionsDuration
Analytical Writing2 sections- 2 tasks60 minutes1 section- two tasks60 minutes
Verbal Reasoning2 sections- 50 questions70 minutes2 section- 40 questions60 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning2 sections- 50 questions80 minutes2 section- 40 questions70 minutes

Note: GRE paper-based exam is held twice a year (November and February) while the computer-based exam can be taken anytime in a year. However, for the computer-based exam, a student can only appear up to five times in year and not more than that.

It is important to pay attention to the format of the paper as well as they keep an eye on the time dedicated to each section. As there are certain variable sections added as well in the exams, you can expect the exam to go on a bit longer than expected. It is best not get anxious or restless while writing the exam as it will only make you more stressed. A calm and alert mind is the best way to approach this exam